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For those of us bloggers who are also partly creating a brand of ourselves, it is this time of the year where we could conduct an interesting assessment of our online identity.   If you have tried Googling yourself like most people did, you are in search of your online identity.   There is nothing narcissistic about this, as it is now what everyone should do on a periodic basis to help protect your reputation and security.  In today’s overly public sharing of status updates, work information and personal data on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter etc., you will not be surprised to see unflattering comments, pictures or even videos of yourself in some simple searches over the internet.

According to ExecuNet Study 2007, “83% of recruiters use search engines to learn about candidates and 43% of recruiters admit to eliminating candidates based on information they found online.” 

Sounds pretty scary, but for sure real.  I have recently come across this OnlineID Calculator tool from Reach Communications Consulting.  By answering a few simple and quick questions through this free online tool, you will able to discover whether your online identity turns out to be digitally distinct, disastrous, dabbling, or dissed.

After getting my results, I am now ready to start making plans to continue building my brand in the new year!

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