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Tell Me, Who Do You Call?

“When you are at your most vulnerable state, who is the one person that you want to be physically by your side?”

I was asked this question today and it kind of struck me hard.  I know a gut reaction is supposed to take effect here, but this question surely cuts through a web of tangled emotions, relationships, and each of their respective priorities in my heart.  It’s a very personal question, and everyone should provide a distinctly different answer that no one else can dispute upon.  No matter what it is, that name or person, and the relationship he or she has with you, tells you what you really want in life.

It may sound totally dark and introverted, but I like thinking about such topics.  Of the hundreds if not thousands of friends and acquaintances we make in life, how many of them are the ones that we truly treasure?  Putting material benefits aside, how many of them offer their genuine care and support to us?  Better yet, how often do we extend that offer to people around us, in the first place?

If I have to calculate my odds of return from every friendship or relationship I am investing in, I don’t deserve happiness.  If I believe I have reached out to the other person with my unreserved commitment, I shouldn’t be bothered if the feeling is not reciprocated.  That’s life. 

So if coming up with a name for the above question is hard enough, try facing the reality if whoever you call on to your death-bed, is indifferent at best.

My advice?  See the good of everyone around us, and be as generous and loyal to them as possible.  You may get thrown under the bus from time to time, but at least you shouldn’t have too many regrets if that unfortunate reality comes.  More often than not, your generosity of spirit is going to create quite an impact on someone else’s heart.  So why not?

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