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I never understand why we place such a big deal on birthdays.  Yes it’s our special day and yes the time and date we were born probably helps determine what our inborn character traits are, depending on what you believe in terms of horoscopes and animal signs.  But then again, it’s just about a 24-hour period, and we are celebrating the day with millions of others who were also born within this period, all over the world.  I just don’t believe I am cloned with this million others whom I hardly know, or care to celebrate with.

Cat's Wedding

Perhaps, we all need to be at the center of attention for a change.  It certainly feels good when you are asked out for dinners, parties, and in the presence of birthday cakes and presents from friends and relatives.  You are supposed to receive undivided attention, and you feel important and treasured that friends gather around just for you despite their hectic schedules.  You are touched by partners making painstaking plans months in advance, friends moving their flights, dressing up, buying classy or tacky gifts, and perhaps the abundance of alcohol and food in fancy restaurants and clubs.  Better yet, you feel pampered being treated a home-cooked meal from someone who add love and kisses as the secret ingredient.

Sounds a bit cliché yet?  Well, this is happening with someone everyday, and chances are, you get invited to such celebrations almost every week, on average, whether you are truly excited about it or not.

No, in case you are wondering, I have been holding this belief even when I was much younger.

So instead of celebrating the same day over and over again, why don’t we be more milestone specific?  There has to be at least one thing worth advertising and celebrating for in a year.  It will be easier to plan themed parties that way, let alone gift ideas.  Aren’t you tired with all the “it’s better to be over the hill than buried under it” theme year after year?


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